Mission Statement: 
The role of the District membership committee is to focus on growing club members, through a plan developed to ATTRACT new members, and to reduce ATTRITION in all clubs. These activities will include educating the club leadership, motivating and mobilizing the membership to seek out new Rotarians and engage those existing members.
The District Membership Committee will work in unison with the 7210 Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee, known as "Think Differently." The DEI Committee is an extension of the District Membership Committee.
The District Membership Committee also works in unison with the D7210 Public Image Committee in promoting and providing awareness to District and Club membership activities.
The implementation of these goals and strategies involve creating two Membership sub committees, each populated with club membership chairs and other leaders from the clubs in the district.
New Clubs: The focus will be on creating new clubs whether Satellite clubs (requires a sponsor club) requiring 8 members, or a new Rotary club requiring 20 members.
Membership Engagement: The focus will be on reducing attrition, increasing member engagement by starting with a proper onboarding and orientation program, providing interesting speakers, leadership succession planning, service projects, fund raising, social activities and overall providing a rewarding Rotary experience to all members of the club