Happy Spring My Rotary Sisters and Brothers,
I hope you are all doing well and vaccinated! Apologies for the late release of the April newsletter. It's been a couple of hectic weeks for me.
RI's theme this month is Maternal and Child Health. This is the message from our Zone 28/32 Director Valarie Wafer:
Rotary’s focus in the month of April is on Maternal and Child Health. The focus on maternal health isn’t as simple as a strategy to save lives, it is far bigger than that. Ensuring that mothers who give birth have the medical supports they require, sanitary locations in which to give birth and strategies to follow up medically and psychologically. When this is in place it leads to children being raised by their own mothers, family units staying together and the next generation contributing to society, the economy and not being dependent on social services. Improved maternal health benefits everyone.
“There is no greater insight into the future than recognizing…when we save our children, we save ourselves”- Margaret Mead 
Kudos to your club if you are involved in a children's and/or maternal health project, in your community or internationally!
We are very busy in our great 8 county district 7210! Our membership net growth is 38 (1550 total) and that ranks us 2nd in our zone in growth of  the 42 districts. Thank you to those clubs that have grown,  and to those who have "pipeline" candidates. This is a perfect time to GROW ROTARY in your club, because of pandemic blues! Giving people want to help others and they have been forced to sit on the sidelines, appropriately, for safety reasons. Some clubs have held Visitor Days (on Zoom) and they have been very successful in attracting new, quality members. Thank you to Kingston, New Paltz and Highland. Combined those clubs have added 11 new members, with more to come. 
Please ask me or Membership Chair and DGN Larry Palant if you want to learn more about how to hold a Visitor Day.
I have announced a 2nd round of Governor visits and around 25 clubs have taken me up on the offer, some Zoom, some in person! Thank you and it's not too late to book a date if your club is interested.
Our District Committees are very active and holding successful meetings. Thanks to the following GROW ROTARY Committees and chairs:
  • Diversity Equity Inclusion - Earl Miller, chair - Ready to roll out their "Think Differently" message and presentation to the Clubs. Book one of them as a speaker in your club.
  • Foundation Giving - Louis Turpin, chair - Promoting the use of Rotary Direct and Foundation Recognition Points as a way to increase Foundation Giving. We have increased contributions by 80% over last year at this time. and we are #1 in our Zone in growth!
  •  Membership Committee - Larry Palant, chair- Will be holding a membership zoom meeting on April 26 at 7pm. Don't miss it!
  •  Public Image Committee- Jacob Lerner, chair- Working on revising the District website as well as social media and will offer help to clubs to develop their websites and social media channels
  •  Services Committee - Judy Siegel, chair - Newly formed and expanded. Will be assisting clubs with ideas for service projects, implementation and engagement of members. Also, will consult on international projects in the future.
  • Youth Services Committee - Cindie Kish, chair - newly expanded and working on gearing up for the next Youth Exchange year beginning in 2022. Assisting the RYLA program in becoming a reality in-person this year in July.
These district committees have approximately 60 different members of various clubs involved in GROWING ROTARY in our great district! Thank you to the chairs and all members for your hard work and dedication.
So, is your club engaged and active, virtually or in person? What is your role in making that happen? Is your club listing goals for improvement in MY ROTARY and monitoring those goals? Does you have Club Assembly or planning meeting every year? 
Or has your club stagnated? No thoughts about adding new members? Are you engaged? Have you found your Rotary passion?
Let us assist you if club is struggling. If your club is VIBRANT, thank you and please share your successes with others!
It's a honor to serve you all as District Governor! Continue to be safe!
With Much Rotary Love and Support,
DG Tony