It's time to celebrate our Rotary clubs, our members, and the good we do in our community and around the world. This month we are focusing on you- on our current Rotarians and our potential new Rotarians. 

Make the most of your membership. Here's a dozen ways to do it:

  1. Get involved with a committee at your local club level or at the District level. To learn more about opportunities reach out to your club President or our District Governor Elect, Leo Kaytes at
  2. Identify a need in our community and work with your club to design a hands-on project that addresses it. Is there an organization in your community that you could partner with? 
  3. Learn how to apply for a grant to implement a project.
  4. Know a young leader? Tell them about Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), and Rotary Youth Exchange.
  5. Explore other clubs. Did you know that you’re welcome to attend any club’s meeting, anywhere in the world? Use the Club Finder tool or download the Club Locator app to find a meeting when you travel.
  6. Try a new role. Our Clubs need leaders. Get involved and help our club by serving as an officer.
  7. Attend the next Rotary International Convention in Singapore. Enjoy inspiring talks from global leaders, celebrities, and activists. Meet members from around the world. It’s the ultimate way to understand the scope of Rotary. Click HERE to learn more. 
  8. Be part of history and help eradicate polio. Find out how to support PolioPlus and join the movement to end polio.
  9. Use the resources in the Rotary Brand Center to help you communicate, inspire, and collaborate.
  10. Meet other members who share your interests and passions through a Rotary Fellowship or Rotarian Action Group. There are over 75 groups, catering to everyone from cooking enthusiasts to water and sanitation project experts.
  11. Connect on social media. Rotary has official pages on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, and more. Also, look into following our District on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn
  12. Support The Rotary Foundation. Contributions provide millions of dollars in grants that support our humanitarian service around the world. Learn more.
How can we grow our membership? Here are 7 ways to do that:
  1. Start or grow corporate memberships. Model your corporate membership with Rotary guidelines, where there is a primary member but if they cannot attend they send an alternate. This is helpful in attracting members who would not normally join. Several of the corporations have headquarters in our District and would love to be part of Rotary. This will enhance the club via resources and also the ability to attract other corporations and change the image of Rotary.
  2. Set a goal of attracting more women and young professionals. Put female members and younger members in charge of projects that increase their visibility in the community and make them ambassadors to attract other prospective members. When people see clubs have young professionals and women in their club, more are attracted to that club. 
  3. Create an online application.  Make it very easy to fill out all the information required.
  4. Organize service projects that build awareness. Use these projects and the club to help attract people who want to do service work. 
  5. Share your story via social media.  Non Rotarians should see what we are doing to support our community. Make them want to be part of a successful team and come join Rotary. Each week do a profile story on a member so people can see who is in Rotary and something about the person. Also post on Facebook every time you have a club meeting, include information about the speakers or current projects. 
  6. Provide meeting options.  Nothing is better then meeting in person but add an option of attending by Zoom, for those who could not attend in person. This will still allow those who travel or work to join and be part of the Rotary community.  
  7. State a Satellite Club. Find a group of people that would be perfect for Rotary but might not be able to make your meetings or they want to focus on maybe just service. A satellite club may form with just eight members. Satellite clubs also give community members and Rotarians the chance to make a positive difference in a club environment that often differs from their local Rotary club. Like all Rotary clubs, satellite clubs hold regular meetings, have bylaws and a board, and get involved in community service projects. Your local Rotary club sponsors the club and provides advice and support. Satellite club members are members of the sponsor club. 
Have a great August, and thank you for focusing on your members! 
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