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Rotary Club: Catskill Rotary  
Project Completion Date: February 28, 2021
Project Contact: Healther D. Bagshaw -
The Stone Soup Project, a completely volunteer effort, was started by a local restaurant, Mermaid Café. Michelle Williams, owner of the Mermaid Café and Bittersweet, an ice cream parlor next door, made homemade soup from March through June 3 times per week and delivered to over 140 residents throughout Greene County. April was Giving Back month where members donate money to the club in support of a local restaurant.
Rotary Club:  Southeast Rotary  
Project Completion Date:  May 31, 2021
Project Contact: Barbara Anne Evans -
Food insecurity is on the rise and are projected to continue to increase during this pandemic of COVID 19. When most people had only missed one paycheck, local food pantries were already reporting about a 30% increase in clients. As unemployment continues for so many, the local food pantries began to lose their supply. Second Chance Foods is uniquely able to respond to this crisis with their commercial kitchen operation. The kitchen allows them to use produce that the local pantries can't distribute and they're able to make the food much more usable by creating meals that can simply be reheated in a family's home. Rotary of Southeast funded an additional 1 day per week at $300 per day to help distribute additional foods in this time of need.