Membership Committee Chairperson and past DG Tony Marmo reports that over 100 club and district leaders from D7210 and D7450 (Greater Philadelphia) attended a seminar on January 21 featuring Rotary International President Nominee Stephanie Urchick and Past District Governor Tom Gump.

Their topic of Club Culture Transformation was especially relevant in the post-pandemic Rotary world. Many clubs have experienced declining attendance at meetings and service projects. Engagement is difficult and attracting new member has also proved challenging.



Stephanie and Tom emphasized that club leaders have to start the dialogue with their clubs about this societal change of culture, and what can be done to attract more Rotarians and engage our current members fully. What we have done in the past to lead our clubs is not exactly the formula for the present day and future. What is the member experience like in your club? How can we engage our new members to make sure they become long-term Rotarians? Club leaders need to Assess, Design, Build, Implement, and Sustain a new club model, if necessary. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion should also be considered when attempting to make your club reflect the community population.

Another strong consideration should be given to starting satellite clubs to provide more flexibility for meeting times and dates. Club leaders should be communicating and discussing these potential changes with their members and getting buy-in as move forward. Use of social media, radio, newspapers, community forums is a great way to get the Rotary message of “Service Above Self” out there. And finally, Stephanie and Tom emphasized that “ an active club is an attractive club.”  

We were fortunate to hear from a great panel of speakers. Video of the seminar will soon be available on the D7210 website.