Greetings Fellow Rotarians!
Is it me or do we see a possible huge decline to this pandemic, hopefully by the summer? With vaccinations increasing and more people following safety precautions or possessing antibodies, it is my hope that many of our clubs will once again start meeting outside or inside as the weather gets warmer. 
Thank you for all you have done to carry us through this difficult year and still provide  Rotary services to our local communities as well as some abroad. As of today, clubs have added 32 net new members to our District from July 1. We now are 1554 Rotary Strong! We are #2 out of 42 districts in Zones 28 and 32, and closing in on the #1, so THANK YOU for your efforts!
Some clubs have thrived using Zoom, and some have not embraced this technology and ceased meeting or meet infrequently. I would like to ask if you feel your club is a VIBRANT CLUB?

Elements of a VIBRANT CLUB are clubs that:
  • Engages its members 
  • Conducts meaningful projects
  • Tries new ideas
  • Attracts new members
  • Develops goals and has a long range plan
  • Have a communication plan for members and the public
  • Have a succession plan for leadership, using different members of the club, not one President for multiple years
  • Match members activities to their interests
  • Create effective committees
  • Have fun and develop long term relationships
The key to all of this is effective and active LEADERSHIP from the President and the Board. I would be happy to meet with your board and club to discuss these ideas and how to open up your thinking about what you can be if you want to improve!
As we approach starting a new Rotary year in a few months, all clubs have the opportunity to change and grow, or remain status quo or decline. Which option will your club choose?
Presidents Elect Training starts this evening and this is your chance to take a different path if you are struggling or you can continue to build on your successes in MEMBERSHIP or ROTARY FOUNDATION or CLUB SERVICE.
We hope you chose GROWTH and FUN as your plan! ACTION starts with each of you as members of  your club and the greatest service organization on the planet - ROTARY INTERNATIONAL! Be a proud Rotarian!
Continue to be safe and get your vaccine if you can!
With Much Rotary Love and Appreciation,
DG Tony