Carmel Rotary announces the 17th Annual Community Basketball Challenge Fundraiser
This popular community fundraising event will be held on Saturday, March 2 nd from 9am-12pm, at the Carmel
High School Gym, 30 Fair St., Carmel. Supported by the Carmel High School Interact Club and the Carmel High
School Mentor Club, this event offers non-profit organizations and community project groups an opportunity
to raise funds to support their programs and services.
Organizations, clubs, adults and youth, and businesses are invited to sign-up and raise money for their favorite
non-profit organization. It’s fun and easy. You don’t have to be a basketball player or know how to play the
game to participate. Here’s how it works - participants ask for pledges per basket and/or flat donations from as
many supporters (clientele, friends and neighbors) as they can. Then at the event, participants will attempt to
complete as many baskets as possible during a two-minute period. Each successful basket will be tallied
against per basket pledges and added to flat donations to equal the amount due from each of the participants’
supporters. Trophies will be awarded in the youth division and prizes in the adult division to the persons
successfully completing the most baskets in the various age groups. Businesses and community members are
also invited to become event sponsors. The details on how to become part of the Community Basketball
Challenge are on the Carmel Rotary Club website listed below as well as calling the phone number also listed

“This year we have set a goal of $70,000.” event Co- Chairs Al Lotrecchiano and Mary Shanley stated. They
continued to note, “Our local not-for-profits and community projects provide invaluable services to our
Putnam County communities. We continue to see increased demand for the basic needs of food, shelter,
health services and education making the Community Basketball Challenge so important.” Although the goal is
aggressive both, Mr. Lotrecchiano and Mrs. Shanley believe it is achievable with the support of our Putnam

Since 2008, the Community Basketball Challenge has raised over $610,000 benefitting 91 different local and
regional organizations. For information on how to participate, visit the Carmel Rotary Club website and Click on the Basketball Challenge link at the top of the page or email us at